In March 2003, Kathy met Andrea for the first time when she was six months old and weighed only 7 1/2 pounds—she was just a skeleton. Andrea had been abandoned at birth in the maternity hospital and had lived her entire life in the Children's Hospital. She was too sick and weak with malnutrition, pneumonia and various infections to leave the hospital, so Kathy and two friends took care of Andrea in the hospital in shifts for a month. She showed only little improvement; she never moved at all and smiled only once on Easter Sunday. But then when Andrea was allowed to come home, after only 2 days she began moving around her crib, and after a month she had made a miraculous recovery—God healed her completely!

Andrea, now 14 years old, has been adopted by Kathy. She plays the piano beautifully, liking most to improvise, and she likes anything to do with computers. Andrea loves drawing and playing with our dog.

Andrea the day she came
home – 8 months

Andrea 2 months later
with volunteer Lauren