In September 2001, Kathy took home Codruta (Codi); she was nine months old and had just been abandoned. Codi was sad when she first came home; although she was only at the hospital for a month (a much shorter period of time than the other children). Babies know when they've been abandoned. Many gypsy women carry their babies around in slings all day and it must have been a very dramatic transition from being continually carried to just lying in a crib when she was left in the hospital.

Codi, now sixteen years old, has been adopted by Kathy and is a real teenager! She's happiest going out with me to the state group homes where our women work, any chance she gets. She loves taking care of small children. Codi plays the flute and loves swimming.

Codi, on left, with Florina

Codi at 3 years old