Growing Girls

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The Growing Girls

Sylvia with her new grandmother
coming for a visit. She is four
and a half years old and very
happy in her adoptive family.

Sylvia and Codi doing laundry

Everyone on the couch

The three girls, September 2004


Andrea, March 2006

Kathy with Andrea and Codi,
March 2006

Codi, March 2006

Sylvia's baptism with
godparents, January 2007

Sylvia with her adoptive mother, grandmother and Andrea and Codi,
January 2007

Sylvia, Kathy, Codi and Andrea,
January 2007

Andrea reciting her poem at the kindergarten Mother's Day program, March 2007

Codi (green dress) singing at the kindergarten Mother's Day program, March 2007

Summer days, June 2007

The girls with their Grandmother,
June 2007

Mom/Buni with Codi and Andrea, June 2007

Codi's 2 permanent front teeth
growing in, August 2007

Codi and Andrea, Summer 2007

Sylvia's 7th birthday with Codi and Andrea, August 22

Sylvia and the girls, August 2007

Ina, a friend and supporter from
Holland, and Codi

Reverend Chris from Holland and Andrea getting ready for face-painting

Codi the kindergarten teacher

Andrea, Codi and Tiger

Codi's 7th birthday

Andrea and her friends

Andrea as a reindeer in her
kindergarten program

Codi's kindergarten program

Codi and Andrea singing in their
Sunday School program

Christmas, 2007

2008 - Codi with her kindergarten
colleagues singing the March 8 program

Part of Codi's group with their teacher

Andrea with her teacher on March 8, Women's/Mother's Day

Andrea with her Mother's Day painting

Codi and Andrea singing in their Sunday School Easter program

Andrea as Red Riding Hood's mother in the end-of-the-year kindergarten program

Codi as a forget-me-not in her program

Us on the balcony

Codi and Andrea with their
Grandmother/Buni enjoying books

Uncle Paul's visit

Uncle Paul's visit

Uncle Paul's visit

Codi's 8th birthday on Dec. 9
with Andrea and Sylvia

Codi and Andrea dancing in
front of the Christmas tree

Codi reciting at her school Christmas program. Andrea was sick so missed hers

Codi reciting during the church program. Andrea recited well too, but my camera
didn't go fast enough to get her!

Angel Codi

Angel Andrea

Andrea reciting her Bible verse, Easter 2009

Codi and Andrea singing in their
Easter Sunday School program

Storytime during Buni's annual
visit in June

Codi in her end of grade 1 performance

Andrea in her kindergarten performance

Andrea as Cinderella's fairy godmother

Andrea's 7th birthday, September

The girls with Sylvia

Andrea's new front teeth

Codi's 9th birthday

Andrea singing in her Christmas
Sunday school program

Codi as an angel telephone operator
in a well-done skit

Codi is a big girl now!

Andrea with our new cat Griska

Spring 2010

The girls on their bikes

Andrea in her kindergarten program

Princess Andrea

Codi doing crafts with Mom/Buni

Buni and the girls

Andrea and her 8th birthday cake

Andrea celebrating with Codi and Sylvia with whom we always get together for birthdays

Andrea with her grade 1 classmates,
teacher and Codi

Andrea enjoying her birthday attention!

celebrating Uncle Paul's birthday

a forest walk

Codi's 10th birthday December 2010

celebrating with Sylvia

Andrea and Codi at the
Christmas pageant

Andrea reciting at the school
Christmas program

Codi at her program

spring 2011

Codi practising

Mom's visit June 2011

Buni singing with the girls

Andrea making way to show
a giant water lily

Andrea's 9th birthday Sept.
celebrated with Sylvia

Andrea's classmates singing as she's giving out treats, the birthday custom here

Andrea with her teacher

Andrea reading at her
Christmas program

Codi singing at her Christmas program

Christmas 2011

Codi at her flute recital

Codi singing with her class

Andrea in her class play

Andrea in her class play

happy girls on vacation

Codi and Andrea finally meeting
the rest of their Canadian family

the girls in Canada with Lauren who makes this website possible, and her girls

enjoying the beautiful Banff area

Andrea's 10th birthday, with Codi and Sylvia

Codi's 12th birthday

Christmas 2012

Codi in the church Christmas pantomine

Andrea in the church Christmas pantomine

Andrea's recital

Codi's June flute recital

Andrea's 11th birthday

with Paul and Tracy

Codi's 13th birthday
with Sylvia and friends

summer 2014 visiting Canada

Andrea's 12th birthday

Andrea and some of our
weekend children

March: a trip to the zoo with our weekend children Cristi, Laura, Florina and Maria

celebrating Laura's 6th birthday
with Cristi and Denisa

August in Canada with Mom/Buni

with Uncle Paul

Andrea with our weekend children
celebrating Loli's birthday

Codi and Andrea with our children
close to Christmas

summer 2016, Codi and
our weekend children

Andrea's 14th and
Sylvia's 16th birthdays