Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2013

Vanessa having fun in Vera's arms

Silvia now standing 

Dora holding Casiana with Bianca sitting

Newly abandoned Nicoleta

Andrei left, Beniamin right with Vera

Andrei so happy

Diamin on Vera's lap, Beni in the crib

Bianca still waiting for a foster family

Dora and 4 month old Beni dropping over

Beni now 5 months old, with
his foster mom!

Vera holding Alex and Eva,
Gabriela in crib

Vera and Gabriela

busy babies, Lacrimoara
in the background

the 2 one-month-olds, Ruben and
Istvan, in front of Ioan

Dora holding Florin, back again with us

Paul with 7 month old Florin

Dora holding Rodica, Noemi in the
baby seat, Sanda in the crib

Rodica so happy

sweet Noemi