September 23 - Sylvia has been with me for almost two years. The court date for Sylvia to be declared legally abandoned — a step towards her adoption — was last Tuesday, September 16, but things went badly. Her mother showed up and wants Sylvia back. Sylvia's foundation lawyer didn't show up. The judge wouldn't make a decision without the lawyer, and without a translator for the mother who only speaks Hungarian. So the next court date is Tuesday, September 30. The mother has had 2 more children since having Sylvia, one of which, Irena, was abandoned and is now in foster care. As Kathy says, "Our beautiful Sylvia cannot be sent back and condemned to a life of filth, no medication, poverty, and no education, not at this point when she's 3 years old. She'll think she ended up in hell. And especially because she's been abandoned several times before I got her out of the hospital. So please pray for us on Tuesday the 30th!" Thank you for your time, for listening, and for caring about the children.

September 30 - I just got back from court, the judge didn't give Sylvia the declaration of legal abandonment, but wanted a home study done on the family's living conditions. This possibly could be used as some kind of proof. They are 8 people living in one room. The next hearing will be December 2 and hopefully the judge will decide then to give Sylvia her abandoned status, so she can move on in her life.

December 2, 2003 - The judge still didn't want to decide - she wanted another home study done, apparently she got the one that the Foundation has, but wants another which the mayor's office in Sylvia's village doesn't want to do because the mother doesn't want it done. Because of course the home study speaks for itself. The next court date is February 3. So we need do keep praying for Sylvia. I really felt like today was going to be the day in which she was going to be set free. But God is allowing this delay probably for a very good reason. Maybe the delay has to be for the right people to be ready to adopt her, whoever they are.