Kathy's Ministry with Abandoned
Babies and Children

There is a shortage of staff in the Children’s Hospital. Rather than hold the abandoned babies to feed them, the staff prop bottles with blankets and don’t pick the babies up to burp them but just flip them onto their stomachs where they often vomit or scream from gas pain. Picking up a baby and loving him or her is rarely done in the hospital; there is a serious problem of neglect. The babies are never taken out of their cribs to sit in a seat or be up in a walker. The children can become handicapped simply from spending most of their lives lying in their cribs.

Kathy has been involved in this ministry since 2000. In September 2004, Kathy began to hire Romanian women and students to work in the hospital with these abandoned babies. Our first women have moved on and the existing team we have had in place for a number of years are doing incredible work. Vera and Dora now work with abandoned babies in the hospital, most of whom come literally starving to death. They help these babies thrive with their dedicated love. Rodica, Dorina and Zorita now work in three state group homes with severely neglected abandoned and handicapped children who have been institutionalized all their lives. David works in a state group home with abandoned teenage boys who have different levels of intellectual disability. Our team gives these children and teenagers the joy of being loved, and teaches them the joy of interacting with each other. Without the efforts and influence of our women and David these teenagers would have a very bleak existence.

Our mission is to love and help abandoned babies and children, and through this work Romanians desperately in need of jobs are also being helped.

Our team is so thankful to all the generous supporters who are giving them this opportunity to work. Babies and children recover and thrive under their care and love. Babies are prevented from becoming handicapped and the handicapped ones are developing to the very best of their abilities. Donations also go to provide extra formula, cereal, bananas and yogurt to combat malnutrition.

A very beautiful story has unfolded with Soledad, a severely handicapped child and Rodica, a young woman who had worked with children with Down’s Syndrome but who had been let go due to lack of funds. Since 2004, Soledad who lives in one of these state group homes, had been making great progress from her hospital visits where she was on Kathy’s section. Our women gave her warm baths and long massages because her body was like a piece of wood. With these therapies, she loosened up and was able to bend her body to sit and loved having her arms raised over her head. She also got her fingers unclenched from her palms and Soledad, who is also blind, was able to feel for things. After a 3 month hospital visit in 2006, Soledad was sent back to the group home. Kathy heard that the people working in Soledad’s group home didn’t want her back and when she went to visit her two weeks after Soledad had been back, Soledad was completely shut down and unresponsive – it was just heartbreaking. Kathy hired Rodica to work with her and the other children in that group home. Soledad became alive and happy again knowing she was loved, and the other children there in that house also benefited from Rodica’s energy, love and song.

Over the years we have provided surgical operations to abandoned children who otherwise who would not have had them.

Kathy’s ministry has been supported from the beginning by private donations and she is very thankful to God for providing funds so that she could hire loving Christian women to impart His love to these very needy little ones.