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February 24, 2005 - And now for some great news! Yesterday we found out that Viorel and Sabina may be having their surgeries today, and it happened. 2 miracles! After some complications today, would they be done or not, they were done, and now Viorel has feet that are straight in front of him instead of pointing back, and Sabina has had that very big lump on the top of her head removed. They both woke up from the anesthesia fine. The anesthetist was very concerned to do them, as they are both only 7 months old. But the surgeon, a neat old guy from Cluj, (1 1/2 hours away) wanted to go ahead.
Actually the surgeon didn't like the way the left foot turned out, and may operate on that again before he works on Viorel's hands which are pointing back. His legs are both in casts, and his feet looked fine to me. Mia and I just cried we were so thankful at the way God carried this through. With nobody caring about him, he would be lying in a bed the rest of his life, but now there's hope for him. He'll walk one day. Sabina over the past few months has recovered amazingly. From the screaming skeleton she was, she rapidly put on weight once Mia started giving her cereal and vitamin drops, and now she is trying to stand, and when she's in the walker, she ends up in the other room! Mia says not a day goes by that she doesn't think of the enormous change in this baby. Honestly, the days are hard, but today was really rewarding! Thank God for using all of us to help these babies. How's that for a fantastic day?