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Work in the Hospital 2005

Lazlo at 3 months old


Viorel (right) and Lazlo (left) both fat and happy with our worker Mia's love and feeding

Kathy with Aurica at 13 months old

Aurica, now fat and happy
(see Fall 2004 newsletter) at age 1 1/2

Mia with baby Maria who is four months old. Maria has a cleft palate and takes half an hour to feed. With Mia's care in feeding her she is becoming a happy, healthy baby. 

Anisoara with one year old Florentina. Florentina is retarded but with working her limbs and giving her stimulation, she will develop to the maximum of her potential.

Marina, our new helper, holding David

Maria 3 1/2 years old. She came to the hospital from the orphanage to be treated for bedsores which were all over her body. They were open wounds right down to the bone. She had a tube in her nose and they said she had no swallowing instinct. Her arms were contracted across her chest. With work, perseverence and patience, she learned how to eat off a spoon, she opened her arms and she responded with joy to love. One of the doctors said, "Maria has come to life!"

Florina, four years old 

Elly, another new worker,
on the premature section

Our happy babies up and out of their cribs, functioning, learning and growing