Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2015

Vera and beautiful 6 month old Marius

Victoria found in a garbage container,
now in a family

Leonardo 4 months old, healthy and
happy on our cereal

Dora with 2 month old Lacrimoara,
Vera with 4 month old Larisa

Three month old Bobi content and
responsive after 2 months of love

Dragos loving to be up in the walker

Iosef needs a lot of attention

2 month old Lacrimoara and
1 month old Maia

Vera and 4 month old Diana

Dora and our four

sweet Rosalinda

tiny Paloma

5 month old Daniel having fun with Vera

Dora and Paloma who is now 3 months old

8 month old Diana

Iuliana having a good sleep

Isaac is interested in everything

Florina "talking"

Darius getting happy

6 week old Zoltan

3 week old Alexandra

Paloma has learned to stand

happy Iuliana

with Paloma learning to sit