Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2009

Kevin in the walker

Lia with Ioana and Kevin

Lia with Rebecca

Anisoara with Levente

Dorina and Evelin

Evelin kissing Dorina

Soledad and Evelin

Vera with Angelo

Vera with Sorin

Vera holding Daur with Dana in the crib

Dorina with Evelin after her lip surgery

Vera with Ioan recovering again

Vera holding Mirabela and Anna Maria recovering from her rat bites

Vera and Mirabela having fun!

Vera and 1 month old Denisa

Rodica and Soledad

Dorina and Evelin even happier now

Evelin sitting and playing

Mom playing with Denisa who
was abandoned 4 times and today is
in a foster family

Volunteer Jessica and Evelin who
she came back especially to work with

Dora and Sonia, 1 1/2 months old and
her second time being abandoned

Vera and Andrei, 1 month old and 1.7 kg

Lia and Ioana

Vera and Ingrid

Kathy and Kevin

Dorina and Evelin in the walker

Dorina and Evelin

Dorina and Marin, a sick baby boy
left with us for a few weeks

Vera and Ana the baby who
was found in the garbage dump,
now doing well in November

Vera and Ioan