Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2010

Vera with Stefanie

Vera with David, he has no birthdate
and is in a lot of pain

Vera with Mirela

Lia with the twins Sonia and Stefan

Lia with Stefan

Lia with newly arrived Alexandra

Rodica and Soledad



Sole loving being tickled!

Evelin back after her operation

Dorina with Alexandra

Evelin and Alexandra visiting

Vera and her 4 babies


volunteer Kelsy with Toni

Kelsy with Istvan, Lorena is in the crib


Kelsy with Sergius, Vera with David and Darius

Dora and David, Tunde is in the crib

Dorina and Alexandra who can
stand alone now 

Dorina with Sonia and Stefan

Mom and Sonia 

Vera and David, both of them
proud of his standing!

Vera holding Darius,
his twin David in the crib

Dora feeding Vivien yoghurt
which she loves

Kathy holding 3 month old Alina with
2 month old Emanuel in the crib

Dorina and Levente

Dorina playing with Evelin

Paul with baby Razvan

David happy with Uncle Paul!

Vera holding Diana with
Doina behind them

Kathy with David

Vivien now knowing how to sit

... and to stand!

Dorina with Evelin

Dorina with Natalia