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Work in the Hospital 2014

Dora playing with 7 month old Rodica
who she has now taken home, Bogdan
and Adrian behind them

Dora holding Bogdan, Rodica and
Radica behind them

Kathy visiting with Bodgan

with 1 year old handicapped Adrian
who has now started to smile

4 month old Filip happy with Vera

Vera holding 3 week old Radica, Noemi
now 5 months old abandoned again

Dora and the twins Narcisa and Sabrina

with sick Octaviana

in June, Octaviana is feeling better

twins Tibor and Lajos

Dora with Florin

having fun with Andrei

Vera and 1 month old Adam
who is dying with a heart condition

3 month old Sandor with Erno in the crib

Andrea playing with 9 month Reka

now in October, Sandor is
much stronger

Dora  holding 3 week old Izabela

newly arrived Cristian

Alexandru loves to laugh

December, Vera and Bobi

Maia loves to connect