Growing Girls

Hospital 2005

Hospital 2006

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Work in the Hospital 2011

Rodica with Soledad during
Sole's short visit to the hospital

Rodica with Florian

Dorina's story-time with Evelin

Zorita and Evelin

Zorita and tiny Malvina

Vera walking with Sergiu

Vera holding Maria and Raul
with Sergiu in the walker

Vera holding Samir, Deanka in the crib, Renate and Csilla


Zorita with 7 month old Radu

Zorita and Radu

Evelin sitting comfy by herself now

Dorina with 4 month old Ester who has already been abandoned multiple times

Ester and Radu sharing a moment

Vera and Csilla

Vera with Andrea and Mom with Csilla

Mom with Bogdan

Evie having fun with Zorita

Kathy and Andrea

Dorina holding Divia with Alexandra
in the baby seat

playing a hand game

Vera holding Maria with Iosif
in the baby seat

Rodica and Soledad

Rodica holding Roxana