Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2007

Anisoara with Sandor who loves to walk!

Levente having a tickle!

Dorina and Leontin

happy Evelin

Lia with blind Ioana

1 year old Giselle ecstatic to be
standing. She couldn't move her legs
but with Lia's work in exercising
her, she's developing!

Lia with Florina who has
Down's Syndrome

Lia with Vali who loves to be
held and cuddled

Dora and Alex, 5 months old

Vera and another little Alex, 4 months old

Mia and the twins Robert and Sandor

Mia and Aurica who now lives in
an orphanage house and is in our
room at the hospital for some tests

Rodica exercising Soledad

a special moment

Jessica who came from Canada to volunteer for 3 months, with Evelin

Jessica with Florina and Kevin, both with Down's Syndrome

Jessica and Evelin had a really special bond

Vera holding Haznal a 2 month old girl,
with Violeta and Petruta both 1 month old, behind her

volunteer Cheryl holding Soledad

volunteer Amy holding Florina

Irma feeding Imre

Irma with Julia

Vera holding Denisa and Florentina

Florina and Ioana in the crib, Lia holding Kevin, Anisoara holding Evelin, Soledad singing, Levente in his rocking chair

Dorina and Evelin

Dorina dancing with Evelin

Anisoara and Terezia who is blind


Lia playing with Kevin who
has Down's Syndrome

Rodica exercising Soledad

Rodica holding Anca, with
Soledad and Levente

Rodica and Soledad, Christmas day

Soledad in her new chair

Evelin and her new dinosaur friend
with whom she talks!