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Work in the Hospital 2008

Anca who is blind is
now standing alone!

Anca likes to sit and play
with her toys

Dorina and Evelin who is so
interested in everything and
everybody around her

Sweet Kevin with Down's Syndrome

Soledad very proud of herself sitting
and hanging on


Our new Razvan 6 months old
and charming

Vera playing with Razvan,
holding Denisa

Vera and Denisa

Dora and Angela

Georgia, the Canadian volunteer 
with Sandor

Georgia with Florica

Dora with Angela, Vera with Sandor,
Georgia with Florica

Vera and Cristian

Kevin very weak but able to
hold himself sitting up

Florina who has also learned
to stand, with Anisoara

Ioana who is blind, now standing
and so happy

Happy Anca taking a break
from her walking!

Our summer volunteer Amanda
and her 4 babies

Amanda and Edith

Amanda holding Edith with
Denisa who has hydrocephalous
in the incubator

Our summer volunteer Candice
with Anca

Levente in his new chair

Anca on the move!

Candice walking Ioana

Candice rocking Kevin

Candice and Kevin

Rodica with Candice who's still here,
and the children

Candice with Ioana

Candice and Evelin, getting fatter
and closer to the possibility of surgery

Soledad responding to Rodica's call by lifting herself up, a major accomplishment!

Dora and Isabela

Mandy holding Dalia with
Gabriela behind her

Mandy and Edith

Mandy and Gheorge

Mandy and Florin

Tiny, beautiful Renata 2 months old

September - Anca now walking free
figuring out her next move!

Kathy and Marius interested only
in our faces and being held

Cees and Riet from our sponsoring church
in Oud-Beijerland, Holland visiting us

Baby Gheorghe connecting and
having fun with Cees

Riet and Kevin

Evelin now uses both hands
to playfully bat her toys

Evelin able to hold her head up
for longer periods now