Growing Girls

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Work in the Hospital 2017

Dora holding Miruna when she was
1 month old

2 month old Antonio

Zsanett in Dora's arms and Timea

content Maria

Nicolas and Antoniu

Dora holding Daniel with Bobi on
the left and Antonio on the right

Giulia being loved, Maria waiting her turn

precious Sabina, in for a short time

happy Gabriela

Radu with his book

Radu up in the walker

1 year old Armando

Vera holding Milan with Janos
in the crib

a very happy Janos

Vera with Marius and Narcisa

Marius full of smiles when he's held

Zoltan has recovered so well

Craciun on the rebound!

Stelian in bed, Nicolae in Dora's arms