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September 2011 - I got a chance to meet Roxana, one of the new 3 year olds to the state group home where Rodica works, when she was admitted to the hospital. Soledad was also admitted with a fever so Rodica was taking care of them there. They are both extremely handicapped and the hospital staff isn't able to take care of them. Soledad was the most responsive I've ever seen, she smiles readily now, and Roxana is getting so comfortable in Rodica's arms. She had never let anyone hold her before, so being loved is a new experience and one that she's enjoying. We heard that the other children at the group home are really missing Rodica and not eating like they should, but she'll hopefully be back there with Roxana and Soledad well again.
Also in the Photo Gallery are pictures of Divia 1 1/2 years old and Alexandra 11 months old, new children who have been with us through the summer. Vera has been taking care of different babies abandoned over the summer, taken back home or put in foster care, and right now is focusing on Maria a 4 month old with an unoperable heart condition who could die anytime and Iosif who only has a short time to live. They are blessed to have her love and comfort in their last days.
Codi and Andrea are looking forward to starting school on Sept.12. Codi likes her teacher so much. She's matured a lot over the summer, both girls spent some time at friends in a village, and got very involved with the garden and canning work that village life involves. It will be a big change for Andrea to start a new school, but she wants to be with Codi and Codi is a very capable big sister who will always have her eye on her. Being able to have 2 piano lessons a week at this school is something that Andrea wants too.

June 2011 - June is always a wonderful month with Mom's visit and the finishing up of another year of school. The girls had a chart on the wall counting the days until their Buni's visit, and we had a great time. Andreas favourite thing to do with her was painting, and Codi's was again playing school.
Codi passed grade 3 and has shown change and improvement since March from being in the new school. She's doing well on the flute and her teacher says she has ability. She needs this success. A space was just found for Andrea at this school and she'll start grade 2 there in the fall. She will receive 2 piano lessons a week. Both girls say they love their instruments.
At the hospital, our miracle child Csilla (please see the April update) is now walking on her own. She steals anybody's heart that meets her! Bogdan and Andrea are waiting for foster families. We just got 2 newborns Andrea a week old and Alexander 2 weeks old. Little Orsi is 4 months old and is struggling, she fights to keep breathing when she eats.
Roxana, Andrea and Sebi are all 3 years old, very handicapped, and new to the state group home where Rodica works. Roxana wouldnt let anyone touch her but is now finding comfort in Rodica's arms, Andrea loves to be held, and Sebi is eating easier now because Rodica has discovered a better way to feed him.

April 2011 - Sergiu who had become a happy and strong little toddler after months of special attention from our women is now in foster care. Florin just left too for a foster family. He had come at 1 and 1/2 months old and after a while the hospital staff took him home. There was nobody that wanted him so he was brought back to the hospital. It's good that at only 2 and 1/2 months old he can now be in a family. Renate who was the same age was also taken back home, was there for a few days then brought back to the hospital half alive. She's recovered just fine, and her amazing head of hair gets more amazing! Cristian came at 1 month old, is now 4 months old and still waiting for a foster family.
And now with the miracle of spring we're seeing the miraculous recovery of a tiny child named Csilla. She came a few weeks ago, dying. She was 1 year, 2 months old and weighed 4.6 kg. She had rat bites and didn't have the strength to cry. She had a swallowing problem and Vera had to coax sips of juice and cereal into her mouth. With each day of love, prayer, many overtime hours and good food Csilla got stronger, and her eyes showed that she wanted to trust and be loved. The doctor said she wouldn't walk and wouldn't be able to move her arms, but she is already taking steps and grasps toys. Vera has 7 babies now and often puts Csilla in the walker which the child loves. Please see the picture of this wonderful little girl in the Photo Gallery.
Last month I moved Codi to another school. In a number of ways her situation was not good and it became clear a change was needed. She's now going to a state music/art school near us that provides 2 hours a week of music lessons. Codi chose the flute and seems to be well suited to it with her powerful set of lungs! Andrea is doing great with her piano lessons and we'll see when we can get her into this school because she has a definite talent.

February 2011 - Our year started off with full rooms of abandoned babies. Two of our newer ones are 2 month old Maria and 4 month old Raul who have both been abandoned before. It is sad, but they will be smiling soon with the love and good food. A few days ago we got 2 month old Traian whose head was full of scabs and dirt. Many children come from situations where water is at a distance from their homes. Then we got 4 month old Malvina who weighs 3 kg and has a heart condition. She is learning to smile.
One of our very happy babies is Sergiu. He was abandoned many months ago in the hospital and he spent most of the day crying. The doctor on the ward moved him to our room knowing that our women would help him. All he needed was love and activity, and that's what he got! He just loves being in the walker racing around the room, and now he's walking. Evelin is bubbly these days. She laughs loudly, is very involved with stories and tries to turn the pages herself. Please see the photo gallery.
Rodica keeps working with the children's relationships with each other at the state group home. She gets everybody playing together, and the very handicapped children she works with where they lay. The children love her and she tries to spend as much time as possible with Aurica who stops her self-destructive behaviour when Rodica is with her.
Codi and Andrea are fine. This year is going better for Codi than the last 2 at school though it still is difficult for her. She loves babies and her tutor has a 6 month old who she brings with her when she comes. This makes the tutoring much more enjoyable! Codi has scoliosis and now has appointments 3 times a week in therapeutic exercise classes. Andrea seems to be learning easier, has good friends in grade 1, and is very proud of herself when she reads.