Sylvia didn’t come into Kathy’s care until she was 15 months old in November 2001. All she did at the time was rock back and forth on all fours in her crib and chew on her clothes. She clearly had not been fed adequately as she would eat until she threw up; it took Kathy and her caregivers a long time to determine how much little Sylvia actually needed to eat. Sylvia was also full of staphylococcus infection from being in the hospital. Sylvia became a delightful, hardworking, industrious little girl, who loves to laugh. She has a wonderful sense of humour.

Sylvia was placed in her adoptive family in October, 2004. Kathy, Codi and Andrea still see her from time to time; she is thriving in her new family.

Kathy and Sylvia when she
first came home – 15 months

Sylvia – almost 3 years

Sylvia's 7th birthday party